VG-10 Stainless Steel Chef's Knife

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  • Sandwich blade: 2 pieces of Damascus steel wrap VG10 stainless steel cores for the sharpest cut, the longest durability, the strongest corrosion resistance. VG10 stainless steel has a carbon content of 1.05%, chrome content of 15.5%, Rockwell hardness of 60-62.
  • Multi-talented with 15° cutting angle: with a sharp cutting angle of 15°, this damask knife can easily handle versatile cutting tasks - meat, vegetables, fruit, etc. With just one light cut, the desired cutting effect is achieved.
  • SAFE & WORRY-FREE CUTTING: The blade near the handle is rounded to protect your fingers. The ergonomic three-rivet handle reduces the tension on the wrist, ensures comfortable cutting. The double-sided blade design is suitable for left and right-handed users.

Exquisite Gift Box: such a kitchen knife is perfect for everyday use, and is, therefore, an ideal gift for cooking lovers, whether for a beginner or professional chef. Now start a journey of food for yourself and your friends with this chef's knife.

Care and cleaning tips:

It's better to clean by hand: Forego cleaning in the dishwasher and wash your chef's knife under running water.
Dry off immediately: After you've cleaned your knife, you should dry it off immediately.
Good storage: It is best to keep your chef's knife in a block or on the magnetic strip. Cutlery drawers are unsuitable because the knife comes into contact with other objects and can lose its sharpness as a result.

The hardness of the blade steel is partly responsible for how long a knife stays sharp. The hardness of the blade is measured in Rockwell (abbreviated HRC).
Normal kitchen knives have 52 to 56 HRC, high-quality chef's knives have 55 to 58 Rockwell, Damascus knives even up to 62 HRC, flexible, very sharp, and hard.
The advantage: Damascus steel bundles the various properties of different steels.