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  • Highly precise and targeted metal detector for adults and children with the waterproof coil, adjustable jack, and audio jack.
  • All metals and high sensitivity: All metals will be detected when the metal detector coil approaches, and a reminder beep will appear. The more a point moves, the closer it is to the metal.
  • You can choose DISC mode to eliminate the target you don't want, so iron, zinc, coins can be discriminated against. Perfect for coins, jewelry, iron, aluminum, gold, bronze, silver, exploration, shallow water hunting, beach hunting.
  • The waterproof coil and adjustable spindle Both the spindle and coil at the end are waterproof, so you can search for lost metal objects at the bottom of a shallow pool or stream.
  • Lightweight and sturdy construction makes it suitable for kids
  • Waterproof stem makes it good for use underwater
  • Simple operation, very easy to use
  • Large back-lit LCD screen
  • Big buttons to change settings
  • The adjustable spindle allows you to adjust the length for comfortable use
  • The volume can be controlled up or down: There is an audio jack for connecting headphones, so you won't miss any treasures in noisy environments.