Intelligent Dehumidifier

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  • Pull 1 Pint (17 oz) of Water per Day: Many factors will affect the effect of the dehumidifier, such as temperature, humidity, room size, and so on. This dehumidifier will pull 1 pint (17 oz) of water per day (86℉/ 80% RH). And the capacity of the water tank is 3.2 pints (51 oz). Enough for bedrooms up to 377 sq ft. Efficiently reduce humidity and create a comfortable environment.
  • Auto Shut off When Fully: When the water tank is full, the dehumidifier will shut off automatically and the full indicator is lighting. The floating ball will float up, too. After emptying the water tank and place it back, the dehumidifier will work normally again. So no worry about overflowing.

Digital Display
Adjust humidity by pressing humidity buttons. Then LCD screen will display it clearly. When humidity of the environment is 5 higher than setting humidity, dehumidifier will work continuously. Or dehumidifier will stop automatically. And when full indicator is lighting, it means that water tank is full.

Drying Clothes
In humid day, put dehumidifier in your closet. It will suck the humidity out of your closet and keep clothing dry. Also, dehumidifier will keep away the condensation of windows and pull moisture out of the air in bedroom, kitchen, garage, basement.

Energy Saving
Mini dehumidifier adopts semiconductor refrigeration technology. The power is 36 watt. In general, other brand dehumidifier is 50 watt or more. So Amzdeal dehumidifier is more energy-saving than others.