5 Freq Ultrasonic Repellent garden and LED Flash for Cats, Dogs, Boars, etc

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  • 24-Hour Protection: With an audible and light alarm function, the LED light increases the rejection effect of the product at night.
  • Wide range of influence: When the animal moves horizontally, the signal reception is ≤ 11m, the angle of reception is ≤120°. When the animal moves to the vertical direction, the received signal distance is ≤ 6m, the received signal angle is ≤120 °.
  • Many kinds of animals to repel: Due to its sensitivity and adjustable frequency, you can choose the appropriate mode according to your needs.
  • How it works - Ultrasonic infrared detection: strong ultrasonic signal is suitable for scaring animals that respond to ultrasonic waves, strong flashing LED alarm sound: strong flashing hunt the fearful animals. such as raccoons, wild boars, crickets, etc. (Detection distance: 6-11m.)
  • 5 Frequency Controls - Most animals have a broad listening spectrum, but only one is a more effective frequency. If the recommended settings don't work, you'll need to set different frequencies to get the most out of your specific needs.
  • IP 44 Waterproof - This product has an IP 44 waterproof rating. It can withstand normal rain from all directions, so it is suitable for long-term outdoor use. (Tips: Do not expose the device to heavy rain, do not touch the charging interface.)
  • Applicable Occasions - Humans have a perception of some ultrasound. Keep the product away from the living area and away from areas where babies and children are active. This rodent repellent is particularly suitable for outdoor locations such as farms, rice paddies, nurseries, and orchards.
  • Power Supply - Blue LED lights up: This indicates that the product is charging. Solar-powered, or powered by a 5V / 500mA adapter. (During long-term rainy weather, you can use the adapter for charging.)