LED Ceiling Fan with Light with 3 Colour Temperature and 6 Wind Speeds Selectable 91 W[Energy Class A++]

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  • 6 levels of wind speed and reversing function: This ceiling fan with light uses a DC motor with superpower which can go very fast and is very energy efficient. Additionally, you have a variety of wind speeds. In addition, it has a reversing function. Simply press the reversing button on the remote control and the ceiling fan rotates clockwise, which helps to increase the room temperature faster in winter.
  • Super quiet and timer shut-off function: This ceiling fan with the lamp is super quiet when operating, no more worries about the noise that will disturb you during sleeping, working, or study time. There is also a timer shut-off function (2 / 4 / 8 hours selectable). You can set the desired shut-off time according to your needs and enjoy a quiet and cool night, with no worries about high electricity bills.
  • Smart remote control and rich application room: This fan with light has 3 different color temperatures, from warm white to daylight white (3000 / 4500 / 6000K). It can be used as a ceiling lamp for the living room, bedroom, and even the dining room to adjust to different atmospheres. No need for frequent replacement of the LED lamp after installation, rather convenient and energy-saving.

Daily maintenance of the ceiling fan with lighting:

1. After prolonged use of the ceiling fan, check whether all screws are loose. Please check whether the ceiling fan wings, the ball rod and the lampshade are firmly in place two to three times a year.
2. Please clean the ceiling fan regularly. Use a dry cloth to remove dust from the surface.
3. Do not press vigorously on the fan blade or fan blade arm when cleaning to avoid any imbalances.

Reverse function:

With the reversible motor, you can change the direction of your fan from abwind mode in summer to wind mode in winter.
In summer, use the forward rotation function of this fan to accelerate the spread of cold air so that the indoor temperature can lower faster.
On the contrary, the fan is reversed in winter to speed up the spreading of the heating air and increase the internal temperature more quickly.
This can not only reduce the heating time but also save 30% of the power consumption.

  • Super quiet: The DC motor with lower energy consumption has a high speed and is super quiet during operation. Create a quiet home environment.
  • Timer switch-off function(2/4/8 hours selectable): You can set the desired shutdown time according to your needs and enjoy a quiet and cool night without worrying about a high electricity charge.
  • 6 levels of wind speed: 1-2 speed, pleasant breeze, enjoy the tenderness. 3-4 speed, the wind is just right to get rid of the summery sunny heat. 5-6 speed, continuous fast air supply and cooling, cool and refreshing.